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Top Eight Valentines Ideas: Lockdown Edition

PEACE FAWUSI gives us eight ideas for last-minute Valentines plans!

If you’re like me, stuck somewhere in the UK unable to see someone who you’d really love to spend the day with, fear not – I’ve come to our rescue. Hopefully. I’ve done some research and here are some ideas for how to spend Valentine’s Day in lockdown.

1 – Galantines – who ever said you needed a S/O for Valentine’s? If you’re a student who is lucky enough to be spending lockdown with housemates, this one’s for you. This year’s date happens to fall on a Sunday, so why not have a special roast dinner or love-themed brunch? You can choose to stick with the commercialised heart theme and incorporate that into your dishes – a heart-shaped Victoria Sponge for dessert, chocolate dipped strawberries, heart-shaped roasties or scones? Or, you can ditch the theme and just have a lovely meal to reward yourselves for making it through a tumultuous start to a new year.

2 – Fancy a drink? Turn it into a wine tasting event – a much cheaper version of actual wine tasting classes, too. Line up some of your favourite drinks as a household, blindfold yourselves and see who can guess which is which! Distinguish the gin whizzes from the rum and coke guzzlers.

3 – Murder mystery boxes anyone…? Everybody loves a games night! From murder mystery box sets (you’ll have to Google this one, you won’t be disappointed), right down to card games like Cheat (also known as Bullsh*t) and online favourites like Jackbox and Among Us. If you’re a drinker, the possibilities are endless…

4 – Themed party rooms. Hear me out – decorate each room according to music genres, eras or even random themes. Have everybody come up with a drink that resonates the theme. Spice things up with an activity or two and spend a good half hour to an hour in each room to fully enjoy the party! You can even create a competition to anonymously vote for the best themed room and have a prize (no cleaning duties for a week, anybody?). Here are a few room themes you could do: 70s disco with daiquiris, topped off with musical statues; or country themed with a bootleg cocktail and a Western duel!

5 – Self-care and self-love. Why don’t you take time for yourself and have an amazing 24 hours-worth of self-care? No matter when you wake up, get out of bed instantly, open your curtains, blast some music, fill your belly with good food (Pancake Day is right around the corner!) and take a long walk. One of the good things that’s come from the continuous lockdowns is that the balance between human pollution and natural purity is tipping in nature’s favour. Take advantage of the peace and treat your eyes and your heart to clear skies and fresh air. (Weather not guaranteed, we live in the UK). End your day with a candle-lit bath, good music and an even better book (check Rose’s blog for romantic book suggestions).

6 – Okay, I suppose it wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day article without mention of anything actually romantic. If you’re separated by distance from your loved one, jump on Netflix, Prime or any other streaming service and activate the Party function. Add a bit more personalisation via video call, snacks to munch on and you’re set. Need help working Teams out? Check How to be a Teams Player. If gifts are being swapped, have them delivered to the other person and open them together. Or just wait until you’re in physical company again, it’s up to you!

7 – Whilst we’re on romance, have a go at cooking a meal together through the screen. Here’s Oran’s top romantic moments in films that maybe you’ll both enjoy with your meal! Follow this up with mood lighting and a nice drink whilst you eat and chat. Just because you’re not physically close doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. It just means you have to get creative!

8 – Speaking of creative – arts and crafts. Get your hands dirty with this one and make use of all that cardboard and paper you’ve been getting with your online orders. Print out pictures of yourself with your favourite person/people and create some homemade photo frames to display yourselves as works of art! Try your hand at creating matching keychains or jewellery or get into what I have over the last few lockdowns, knitting. It’s surprisingly rewarding, calming and great to do with Friends playing in the background.

If you haven’t already, why don’t you have a look at two excellent pieces that discuss the concept of ‘love’, the first being “Love is not love” so what is it? How we conceptualise romantic love by Dr Clara Neary and Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Charlotte Hunt.

Written by Peace Fawusi

Got any more ideas for an evening of romance (keep it PG!)? Let us know in the comments below!

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