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Top Six TV and Film Romantic Moments

ORAN STAFFORD tell us his top six romantic moments of TV and Film to get us in the Valentine's Day Spirit!

By spending way too much time in the realm of all things television like I do, you get embroiled in the beloved fantasies of many fictional characters. So much so that you identify their lovey-dovey connections as #relationship-goals. In light of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to highlight my top six romantic moments in TV and Film.

Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who - Doomsday)

A human and an alien. Not the ideal couple if you usually picture an alien as something green or with tentacles. In this instance, we are talking about a neat looking guy in a suit sporting a brown quiff alongside a blonde, London chav. Following an intense battle between both Daleks and Cybermen, the two are split from one another after the two factions are sucked into the void. Rose narrowly avoided the same fate before she is saved and transported to the parallel universe. She and the Doctor are certain they will never see each other ever again.

Fortunately, the Doctor is able to broadcast a message to her on a desolate beach. This scene resonates with me and many other Doctor Who fans, as Rose served as the Doctor’s first companion in the new era of the show after the Time War, which, tragically changed him. Back in the loop of time travelling, Rose gave him newfound happiness and helped them regain their peace of mind. This scene was devastating for most of its viewers as it was as if the Time Lord had lost everything once again. Regardless, we got to see the two share a teary last goodbye before he is cut off… this was supposed to be a romantic article...

Ross and Rachel (Friends – The Last One)

Throughout the entire series, whether or not Ross and Rachel would end up together played on our minds. After a series of previously failed relationships, these two remained friends through thick and thin whilst continuing to throw shade at one another. Whether they were ever really on a break, is up to you. Eventually, they unintentionally have a child together and their relationship begins to blossom again. In the finale, we see Rachel about to fly off for a new fashion job in Paris, France. She has second thoughts and leaves a message for Ross on the phone, who is moping in his apartment. She confesses her love for him and Ross panics as he believes she was unsuccessful in getting off the plane but just as the voicemail concludes, she shows up at his doorstep and they kiss again. Nonetheless, I still feel sad that Joey was alone at the end of the show.

Jon Snow and Ygritte (Game of Thrones – The Climb)

I could not swear an oath like Jon Snow, so I cannot blame him for breaking his Night’s Watch vows whilst going undercover among the mass of wildlings. Jon first meets his beloved Ygritte after he captures her but cannot bring himself to execute her.

Once Snow becomes one of their own, the two develop feelings for one another and disappear into a cave (I’ll try and keep this PG). Later, they climb to the top of the wall together, stand hand-in-hand amazed by the breath-taking view of grassland that sits on the other side of the endless snow and reciprocate their feelings with a kiss. I felt this scene represented two rejects finding solace in each other’s arms, especially as Jon feels unwanted for being the then illegitimate son to a Lord and Ygritte, a recognised threat.

Han Solo and Princess Leia (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)

From what I remember of this movie, there was endless conflict and tension between the pair. Stuck together on the run in the Millennium Falcon, it was inevitable that Han Solo and Princess Leia would find themselves growing closer. Arriving at Cloud City only to be betrayed soon after, Han is lowered to be frozen in carbonite and it is then that Leia confesses her love for him and says the iconic line: ‘I know.’ You could say the bounty hunter’s heart paused in the princess’ presence. Sorry for that dark side joke.

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (Harry Potter: The Half-Blood Prince)

They say opposites attract. It is truly magical how these two got together. Hermione is filled with jealousy as Ron establishes a relationship with another Hogwarts student. It should be considered though, that Weasley had been under the influence of a love potion and did not have any genuine feelings for the other girl in question.

In attempt to undo the enchantment, Ron nearly dies from poisoning and ends up in the school hospital wing. With Hermione by his side, she is present to hear him say her name in his sleep, demonstrating the affects had worn off. I imagine this would usually put your crush off. However, after all their adventures together, Granger has a soft spot after all.

George and Loraine (Back to the Future)

Earth Angel. I love that song. Every time I listen to it, all I can think of is George McFly punching Biff in the face and stealing Lorraine away onto the dancefloor, away from the hot-headed bully. Upon doing so, Lorraine embraces him, and Marty is saved from being erased from all existence as his parents fall hopelessly in love, fixing his mistakes after transporting back to 1955 in a DeLorean Time Machine. Great Scott! Safe to say that was a close call. Still waiting for a hoverboard though, it’s been like, seven years.

I hope you enjoyed reading my top romantic moments! I would love to hear about some of your favourites in the comments section below.

Written by Oran Stafford

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