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Sally's Haiku Lockdown Diary - February 2021


A sea shanty, sung

in laundry basket boats, with

tennis racquet oars.

A crop of snowdrops:

pearl perfect tears, against a

swamp of rotten leaves.

Evan Rachel Wood

joins four others accusing

Manson of abuse.



Hatewear, Sadwear, I

don’t care about today’s wear:

not going ‘out there’.

Kushner for Peace Prize!?

Trump defender nominates

scandal-tainted brat.

Will missed schooling cost

in future earnings, without

radical catch-up?



Almost half of Heads

consider leaving teaching

after pandemic.

Henry VIII clause

to be challenged in court, in

row over State Aid.

Climate action sounds

a death knell for era of




Thornberry had more balls,

but the best choices are not

party policy.

Labour’s young members

joined for Corbyn and got a

New Labour Blairite.

Things fall apart, the

centre cannot hold: Labour

under Keir Starmer.

Pressure on Sunak:

inflict mass unemployment

or extend furlough.



Ryan Air advert

encouraging people to

just ‘jab and go’ banned.



When boredom scrolling

escalates into twenty

pairs of Nordic Socks.

Dreading, dreading my

am dentist appointment:

cost and the terror.



House votes to remove

Republican extremist

from committee roles.

Fox network lurches

further to the right to win

‘hard-edge’ Trump faction.

School meals: DfE

‘unconcerned’ at contractor’s

large profit margins.



Five-year-old at the

making-up-jokes stage. Bring help,

or gin for courage.



Small Thing scales the bed:

“Mum, are you getting up yet?”

I croak for coffee.



Shoots of green between

the last year’s dead. Spires of hope

for a better year.

The biscuit judging

commences in chaos of

crumbs and calories.

Rice’s Whale confirmed

as new, already threatened

species, off South Coast.



Of front-line nurses,

15 percent still without

vaccine protection.

‘Queen’s Consent’ used to

lobby and veto changes

that don’t serve the crown.



Trump impeachment trial

begins over ‘fight like hell’

tweeted rally cry.



Older women make

people anxious. Mary Beard

on Modern Witches.



My morning coffee

haiku ritual scuppered by

a quiet news day.

Texas lawyer stuck

on Zoom filter, informs Judge

he is not a cat.

Divided Senate

rules that impeachment trial is


Open secret of

family abuse exposes

France’s Great and Good.



Doomed by his own words:

Trump’s twitter archives in court

on day two of trial.

Plans afoot to seize

ministerial control

over NHS.

Tory wrecking ball:

would you trust Toxic Tigger

with our Health Service?



‘Cabin Fever’: a

romaticisation of

current living space.

Cumbria coalmine:

plans causing widespread outrage

now under review.

The US deserves

emphatic rejection of

Trump-style politics.



Impeachment ‘show’ trial

not expected to succeed,

though still symbolic.

Conclusion of trial

delayed by call to summon

witnesses to stand.

Witness vote vetoed

by deal, as impeachment trial

brings final vote near.

What is wrong in law,

when justice cannot be served?

A plague on his house.



Don’t resuscitate

order imposed on Covid

special needs patients.

A mass culling of

UK’s ‘undesirables’

under the radar.

Furtive; deliberate.

Ableist policy leaves

vulnerable to die.

Coldest temperatures

in 65 years, with more

ice and snow forecast.

Government pushing

for reopening against

scientists’ advice.



Framing Britney Spears:

a consummate performer

exploited by men.



Trump acquitted as

Republican Senators

vote on party lines.

‘White Supremacy

Won Today.’ Critics condemn

racist acquittal.

RINOS under threat:

dissenting Republicans

face Trumpist backlash.



Quarantine hotels

have failed at the first hurdle

say the Unions.

London’s bridges are

falling down. Hammersmith Bridge

is one of many.

Expert overlooked

so Johnson’s mate could chair the

Office for Students.



Bannon believed Trump

to have dementia early

in first term campaign.

Abducted; vanished.

Dubai’s Princesses without

Global protection.

He owns our horses

and our land. The Rich close ranks

in ring of silence.

When women mean less

than diplomatic friendships,

we are compromised.



On Monique Roffey’s

The Mermaid of Black Conch: an

absolute must-read.

Tapas bar revamp

uncovers 12th-century

Islamic bathhouse.

Covid infections

spreading fastest among young

as schools plan return.

Mink farms: a Covid

risk to humans and wildlife

warns EU experts.



For ‘ninja’ play, I

order four balaclavas.

Big Brother’s alarmed.

Fell over a log,

rolled in the mud, and grumbled

the whole way back home.



Uber drivers now

classed as workers in law, as

rights are recognised.

Texan Senator

flees to warmer climes as his

constituents freeze.

Perseverance lands

on Mars, to gather data

and collect samples.

Colour images

from space, captured by Nasa

rover on day one.



High Court rules Hancock’s

actions unlawful over

unpublished contracts.

No transparency

over how vast quantities

of money was spent.



Puppet Press: Broad sheets

and BBC hide Tory

law-breaking story;

with convenient,

Celebrity Royal, not-

really-news story.

(Harry and Meghan,

no longer working members

of Royal Family.)

Emergency law:

accountability nil,

corruption green light.

Teflon coated, well

protected, white-collar crime

goes undetected.



Neighbour’s cat renamed

Crookshanks and Marmaduke by

my covetous kids.

When dystopian

fiction feels just like the world

outside the front door.

Labour MP’s to

maintain ‘radio-silence’

over Brexit mess.

Dismay at orders

from high command, to ignore

the White Elephant.



Paltry, when shared out

school by school. Sum disclosed to

bridge attainment gap.

England’s teachers on

‘Big Bang’ reopening, speak

of impending doom.

UK Covid jabs

fall by a third, as Hancock

blames supply pressure.

Drakeford worried by

Johnson’s gung-ho approach to

lifting restrictions.



Schools, clubs, holidays,

all back on by end of June,

Johnson’s latest claim.

“Brexit, a machine

to generate perpetual

grievance.” Rafael Behr.



Dystopic fiction:

more apposite and current

than ever before.

On Friday nights, their

virtual social life demands

rooms and computers.

When I want pizza,

the fridge offers wilted greens

and nuclear brie.

The snap, crackle, pop

of yet more cereal, in

its final death-throws.

‘Hollow legs’ doesn’t

even begin to explain

where all the food goes.

On Friday, Sally

had five packets of biscuits.

Guess what happens next.

I’d blame the cats, but

their lack of opposable

thumbs means it’s Spencer.



Having a sad day

today. Missing people made

far away by this.

Eating standing up,

pouring wine by 5 pm,

surviving lockdown.

Back to when Spotty

was Super Ted’s side-kick, not

a physical state.

Want to see my Mum.

This has gone on for so long.

Thought I was okay.

Written by Sally Jones

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