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Sally's Haiku Lockdown Diary - January

January 16/01/2021 - 31/01/2021


To borrow a line

from the late, great Dan Leno:

‘Here we are again.’

Again, government

rips off tax payers, to line

their own silk pockets.

Guess the value of:

two over-ripe bananas,

a loaf, and four Frubes.

Are we so inured

to gross insult and outrage

that we don’t feel it?

Stupidity would

perhaps be forgivable.

He is not stupid.



Thor’s hammer removed

From White House by archivists,

Engraved with Trump’s name.

Must be protected

from ‘the baying mob’: Jenrick

on Britain’s statues.

Britain should not try

to edit or censor past

states secretary.



Gingerbread splodges,

decimated. Hollywood

too slow to judge me.



Dull but competent

plea for unity. Biden’s


A Zoom parade of

bland celebrity culture

and good intentions.

Collective relief,

when a little corniness

feels like luxury.

Retreat in fanfare.

The histrionics of a

narcissist man-child.

Catholic, teacher, Black,

Jew, walk into the White House.

No pun, just progress.



First of the year’s lambs

bleat a plaintive vibrato

as the snow comes down.



A proper flurry!

Noisy excitement equal,

almost, to Christmas.

A haiku is made

of seventeen syllables:

5-7-5, like so.



It’s not ‘censorship’

to question the statues in

our public spaces.

Covid deaths higher

among lowest paid workers

in England and Wales.

Schools not expected

to fully reopen for

many more weeks yet.



New York, New York: a

love letter to its people

at a time of need.

“[Former] President

Agent Orange like Hitler.”

Spike Lee on Trump’s reign.



A cardboard castle,

complete with merlons, home to

Queen Hester the Cat.

Boris’s sorrow

at one hundred thousand deaths

from mismanagement.



Today’s bored baking:

Cornish pasties, scones, meringue;

Today’s weight: secret.

‘Eat out to help out’

seems farcical in hindsight.

What brainwaves come next?

Party leader, whose

entire life has been a

vanity project.



Pavements pebble dashed

with dog poo. Our walks become

a dance to dodge them.


Written by Sally Jones

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Oct 03, 2021

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