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Sally's Haiku Lockdown Diary - June 2021

01/06/2021 - 30/06/2021



Please forgive me for

the radio silence: I

have had a shit week.

Child with concussion

has made half term less fun than

it usually is!

When the pencil is

willing, but the brain won’t play

ball, you get nothing.



Hancock under fire

as he faces high-pressure

hearing with PMs.

Delta variant:

daily deaths rise as Johnson

pretends all is well.

Doubts over UK’s

road map, as lockdown easing

delays are advised.

Grand slam tennis pledge

to address concerns over

players’ mental health.

Osaka’s withdrawal

from French Open puts spotlight

on federation.

Cost of policing

G7 summit meeting:

70 million.

“Here are the big ships

Again”: protests in Venice

as banned ships return.



Concerns that third wave

could be more serious than

the UK’s first two.

Genuine progress

on the global taxing of

corporate giants.

G7 talks look

to close overseas loopholes

on tax evasion.



The mental health of

unsupported carers is

an unchecked crisis.


Harry and Meghan

name daughter Lilibet, for

Queen Elizabeth.

Johnson’s refusal

to answer questions renders

PMQ pointless.

French Open women’s

final four, first-time grand slam


The top seeds are out

as surprise underdogs have

their moment to shine.

Racoon dogs may be

Britain’s next non-native pest,

eco study finds.



Strength in numbers, as

union, students and staff

oppose sweeping cuts.

Partial victory,

as department removed from

redundancy risk.

The pressure of forced

redundancy has caused a

bad biscuit habit.

Eriksen survives

cardiac arrest, after

collapsing mid-game.



Gin-o-clock is a

flexible thing, but the time

is always just right.

Threat to suspend the

Northern Ireland protocol:

EU unimpressed.

We have haemorrhaged

and squandered trust by failing

in our commitments.

‘Mistrusted’ Johnson

feels force of EU fury

as world leaders meet.

Johnson reneging

on details of Brexit deal

sours G7.



G7 summit

dubbed an unforgivable

moral failure.

11 billion

vaccines needed globally;

1 billion offered.



“Totally fucking

hopeless”: hypocrite Johnson’s

verdict on Hancock.

UK asks EU

to suspend ban on produce

to Northern Ireland.

Tories feign shock at

obvious repercussions

of bad Brexit deal.



John Bercow defects

to Labour, with withering

attack on Johnson.

Party has become

xenophobic under its

current leadership.

Shock byelection

suggests gradual erosion

of Tory Heartland.

Liberal Democrats

take Chesham and Amersham

in byelection.

Third wave of Covid

‘definitely underway’ in

UK, says expert.

UK holidays

cost more than in Europe, as

demand escalates.



Dangerous blind spot

on integrity: PM

stands by Matt Hancock.

Not possible to

lead with credibility

and authority.



Hancock grudgingly

resigns, after breaking own

social distance rules.

Furtive office snogs

cannot be conducted from

a full two metres.

Cummings still Tweeting,

but nobody cares for his

venom anymore.

Mo Farah misses

qualification time for

the Olympic Games.

As Wimbledon starts

tomorrow, TV sports just

got interesting.

New Health Minister,

Javid, re-enters the fray

at the heart of things.



Ministers set to

end blanket isolation

for English pupils.

Mobile phone ban in

secondary schools, touted

by Secretary.



Teaching Union

accuses Williamson of

distraction techniques.

Tory failures

on education during

pandemic roll on.

To get your mistress

to be marking your homework:

not acceptable.

Job: high paid with perks;

catch: only friends and lovers

will be considered.

Olympic Games: surge

in Tokyo cases, with

only weeks to go.

France stunned by Euro

defeat, as confident Swiss

underdogs go through.

Drakeford calls for Wales

to control own policing

and legal system.


Written by Sally Jones

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