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Sally's Haiku Lockdown Diary - May 2021

01/05/2021 - 31/05/2021



200 years of

The Guardian newspaper.

Thank goodness for that.

Dickhead on a bike

rides through Birmingham, in bid

for Tory ballots.

Political voice

of the UK, to speak or

abstain tomorrow.



Big Labour losses

in English council contests,

as results come in.

Starmer concedes that

Labour has lost the trust of

working class people.

Wales looks set to hold

safe Labour majority

in Senedd Cymru.



SNP triumph,

with Scottish independence

as their key mantra.



Those who can, teach. Those

who can’t, demolish those who

do, because they can.

A stone is thrown at

one I love, by those who do

not know her or care.

A room of faces

decide on the axe or stay

of execution.

Must stop tweeting in

haikus, it’s annoying, but

oh well, never mind…



Special Day: how a

Glasgow community stopped

immigration raid.



Advisers worried

new variant could lead to

serious third wave.

Wales to close boarders

if India variant

in UK rises.

Tensions escalate,

with Israel and Palestine

on the brink of war.

Johnson plays for time

with ludicrous delay to

public enquiry.

Mary Beard to fund

Classics students from under

represented groups.

Wild boar in car park

near Rome, surround woman and

steal her food shopping.



Long overdue, first

exhibition of Dutch Slave

Trade in Rijksmuseum.

Curator aims for

“more complete picture” of Dutch

Empire and Slave Trade.

Forty-Three million

dollar pledge to rewild the

Galapagos Isles.



Legal jeopardy

for Trump, with three ongoing


Teflon coated Trump

may finally come unstuck

with latest findings.



Cummings wielding key

Covid decision-making

documents, he claims.

UK shortage of

Cadbury’s Flakes, as spring ice-cream

sales increase demand.

Hancock holds briefing

as India variant

up 30 percent.



New book describes Trump

‘Madman … racist, sexist pig’,

in Obama’s words.



No. 10 ‘tried to

block’ data on spread of new

variant in schools.

Received first vaccine

today (Pfizer). Side effects:

I could sleep standing.

The wealth gap widens,

as pubic suffering is

capitalised on.

Through a pandemic,

the top 1 percent have lined

their pockets further.

Johnson’s legacy:

to concrete over England

in property drive.

Wealth creation based

on property, government’s

top priority.



Herd immunity

was always ‘Plan A’, right up

until September.

Cummings claims MPs

backed herd immunity, then

denied policy.

Yes but no but yes:

despite cryptic travel rules,

flight bookings still soar.

Patel’s plans to squash

objective news broadcasting

to fit agenda.

BBC report

is Tory gold, as they push

for more influence.


Written by Sally Jones

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