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Sally's Haiku Lockdown Diary - April 2021

01/04/21 - 30/04/21



Farcical report

on race disparity found

severely wanting.

Kasumu resigns,

as report findings have no

foundation in fact.




Windrush scandal, omitted

from report findings.

Senior Tories

join Corbyn in opposing

Covid passport scheme.

Dozens dead after

Toroko Express derails

in Eastern Taiwan.

Lecturers repaid

for mighty effort with huge

staff redundancies.




target staff for short-term cost

cutting exercise.

Thanks for outstanding

online provision this year.

Now you are jobless.

Friend, peers, respected

colleagues, what an utter shit

show this really is.

Ganesh, the patron

deity of literature,

will not stand for this.

Staff redundancies:

a quick cash fix, when funds have

been wasted elsewhere.

A truly scary

backlog in vital care, says

Ex-NHS chief.

Warwick students’ stage

sit-in protests over rape

culture on campus.



‘Please don’t come.’ Concern

in Devon as day-trippers

head to the seaside.



Keir Starmer’s praise for

homophobic Jesus House

needs explanation.

Party’s outrageous

apparent bid to appease

bigoted churches.

Labour accused of

putting religion before

basic human rights.

Duncan dubs Johnson,

an international stain

on reputation.

Congressman in sex

trafficking scandal left high

and dry by party.

‘A ten-foot pole not

long enough.’ Political

pariah: Matt Gaetz.



Whoops. My wine ran out.

Oh no, it did it again.

It must be the glass…



Prince Philip, Duke of

Edinburgh, died this day

at Windsor Castle.

China blasts UK

for granting asylum to

Hong Kong activist.



Church of England urged

to publish inventory

of world artefacts.

Institutions move

towards repatriating

colonial loot.

Leaving EU took

a wrecking ball to the Good

Friday agreement.

Hurled petrol bombs and

burning buses in Belfast,

as fragile peace ends.

The consequence of

Johnson’s careless Brexit: a

country now in flames.

Biden proposes

global approach to taxing

big corporations.

British commitment

and cooperation, key

to closing loopholes.

Watertight global

system would call time on tax

havens for the rich.



Johnson refuses

calls for summit on violence

in Northern Ireland.

Operation Sky

reveals scale of drugs trafficked

from Colombia.

Drugs cartels target

European market for

higher net profits.



Vaccine boost pushes

Tories’ approval rating

into safe water.

Sleeper trains could soon

run from London to Europe

through Channel Tunnel.

Scrap for survival

as lecturers return to

job uncertainty.



Once haven, now barbed

unsteady realm which, without

cause, may eject us.



Cameron and the

Greensill scandal is just the

tip of the fatburg.

Line between public

service and private gains have

been shamefully blurred.

Return of Tory

sleaze, a scandal set to haunt

the Prime Minister.



Inquiry into

‘failure to be honest’

called for by parties.

Transported elsewhere,

black on white, a rustle of

pages amazes.



It’s good for the soul

to walk outdoors, to pause, take

stock, relax and breath.

Stomping feet allow

space for perspective and to

process daily mess.



Insult to bereaved:

government too busy for

Covid enquiry.

Beyond moronic:

inside fury at Johnson

over Cummings row.

Tory sleaze stories:

a theme of Labour’s local

election campaign.


Written by Sally Jones

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