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Sally's Haiku Lockdown Diary - March 2021

01/03/21 - 31/03/21



Gordon Elliott’s

horrific dead horse photo

shocks the racing world.

Top trainer poses

on corpse while taking phone call.

Sport in disrepute.

Billionaire’s piss-take:

Chris Hohn determines worth with

record salary.

Labour indicates

it would back gradual rise in

corporation tax.

Sunak’s budget fails

to address a decade of

negligence says Dodds.

Former President

of France, Sarkozy, sentenced

on corruption charge.

Female reporter

abused for sports coverage

in sexist mob-cry.



Sexual harassment,

Gas-lighting: calls for Cuomo

to resign office.



His grip over the

rank and file, makes Trump still a

significant threat.

Hostile take-over

yet still possible after

failed impeachment trial.

Fears that a quarter

of grass-roots sports clubs will not

survive to return.

Women in the home:

generational role-back

on social freedoms.


surge against pregnant women

and mothers at work.



Government settles

to stop bully Patel from

facing tribunal.



Press ramps up interest

in the week before ‘spill-all’

Royal interview.

Proposed 1 percent

pay rise for NHS staff

branded pitiful.



How many nurses

salaries to decorate

number 10 (again)?

Pay offer looks like

Tory contempt for Covid

NHS heroes.

Below inflation,

real-term pay cuts continue

for public sector.

Nominal ban for

ethically unfit, award

winning horse trainer.

In Reception class

visit photo, Johnson plays

with his poster paints.



Labour candidacy

row for next Liverpool Mayor

branded a ‘Shit-Show’.

Flying ship mirage

spotted off Cornish coast-line

captured on camera.



Draft bill to revoke

fixed term parliament plays to

Boris Johnson’s hand.

A career based on

ethical plasticity

and boosterism.

Contempt for the rules,

cavalier with convention,

trust him with nothing.

DfE award

new contract to firm behind

school meals fiasco.

Rapid tests planned for

use in schools, ‘very likely’

to give false readings.



Woken by the cat

strutting the runway of my

snoozing, supine form.



Bullying row, a

cynical bid to take the

heat off Prince Andrew?

Epstein brought in girl

like a takeaway supper:

Air Mailed consumption.

Flown in to New York

to service Royalty in

Epstein’s private home.

Queen of Interview:

Oprah the real winner, as

critics’ praise pours in.



In the Queen’s response,

‘recollections may vary’

from those of Duchess.

Public pulpits for

perennial misanthropes

need further censure.

Even Murdock said

he had bigger balls than brains.

His fall is no shock.

Farewell, good riddance.

Noughties culture nasty-man

finally walked out.

End of the road for

the man who never knew when

to stop. Piers Morgan.



Ministers asked to

justify 20 billion

spent on test and trace.

Committee chair states

that the public purse was used

as an ATM.

No evidence that

test and trace scheme cut Covid

infection levels.

Sino-British ties

further strained, as China seeks

to veto free press.



Case develops as

Met Officer arrested

in hunt for Sarah.



Walking Britain’s streets

should not be dependent on

light and company.

Legislate to make

misogyny a hate crime.

Lords’ voting next week.

Director resigns

over statement denying

racism in press.



Tonight, I shall walk

at six to keep vigil for

Sarah Everard.



Set alarm to steal

quiet half an hour in peace.

Kids hear and follow.

I: writer, critic

student, academic; I:

PA, cleaner, cook.



Covid catch-up fund

not reaching disadvantaged

pupils report finds.

Bolivia’s ex-

president arrested, as

power changes sides.

Jeanine Áñez charged

with abuses of power

during year-long reign.



Government deflects

calls for public enquiry

into pandemic.

Public support for

Covid enquiry, twice that

of opposition.

Tory culture war

gets ever more absurd, as

object trumps subject.

Longer sentences

for attacking statues than

attacking women.



Gin delivery

received in my dressing gown.

How very lockdown.



Plastic particles

pass from mother to foetus,

lab rat studies show.


microplastics found inside

all human organs.

Pollutants blamed for

plummeting sperm counts, calling

time on human life.

Chemicals causing

reproductive crisis, now

found in everything.



Tutoring scheme for

England throws more money at

the private sector.



UK furlough scheme

pays out millions to foreign

States and tax exiles.

Growing pressure, as

public figures join call for

Covid enquiry.

Johnson’s resistance

seems all the more reason, to

see what else they’ve done.



Calls for National

Strategy on sexism

and abuse in schools.

Plain clothed Police in

Britain’s bars and clubs won’t make

women feel safer.



Saturday morning:

streamed film; online newspaper;

tangible cuddles.



Thornton’s Chocolatier:

the latest in a long line

of slow retail deaths.

Tory answer to

Watchdog scrutiny: strip them

of their powers then.

Holidays abroad,

in the near future, looking

ever less likely.

Rising cases and

third wave lockdowns in many

EU neighbour States.



With just three wishes,

what would you do? And would I

still know you as you?

Come to me Cali,

Calliope come; at this late,

late hour I need you.

The muse returns, but

sulking: she wants to write books,

I just do haikus.

The thump, thump of feet,

a tractor, twittering birds –

time alone to think.



Travel ban exempt -

those with other properties

they wish to visit.

Stanley Johnson clause:

accept curbs to your freedom,

unless you are rich.

Third wave in EU

gains momentum and threatens

our recovery.



The school yard: a sea

of bodies, weaving madly

to keep three paces.



Exploring further,

my corner of the world, as

the days grow warmer.



That time before, when

we blew on birthday cakes, shook

hands, stood side-by-side.



UK companies

export trade left in tatters

after Hard Brexit.

Outdoor Easter planned,

as gazebo sales soar for

garden gatherings.

Container vessel

wedged in Suez Canal, may

take weeks to dislodge.


Enjoying the haikus so far? Why not try giving it a go yourself in the comments section!

Written by Sally Jones

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