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Hopping Back on our Screens: Stranger Things Episode Two

BETH NETHERCOTT continues her episode by episode review of Season 4 of Stranger Things: Chapter Two Vecna’s Curse

It goes without saying that this article contains many spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 2… proceed at your own risk!

Suspicions arise about Chrissy’s death. Hopper returns to our screens. And more screen time is dedicated for older characters Jonathan, Nancy, Steve, Robin, Joyce, and Murray.

Is this long-distance relationship working?

Jonathan and Nancy’s relationship is at a standstill. Physical distance is a problem, yet they could make greater effort to communicate. In Season Three, Jonathan and Nancy were one of my favourite couples but I’m left feeling unsure about their relationship.

Remember in Season One, Will says: “Is that why you have no friends?” Terrific news… Jonathan has a friend, Argyle! Jonathan confides in him that he received an acceptance letter for a different college and hasn’t told Nancy. Argyle ends the conversation “you’ve got me stressing and it’s not even my girlfriend”. It might not be a laugh out-loud moment, but it lightens the mood.

Detective Nancy

What would Stranger Things be without the detective skills of Nancy Wheeler? Or should I say the better version of Nancy Drew. It is evident Nancy misses her partner in crime when she investigates Chrissy’s death. Instead, stereotypical nerd Fred Benson joins her. Of course, Nancy is in charge and basically does all the work herself and leaves Fred to wait for her. She may be bossy at times, but her hard-working ethic results in answers. A crucial conversation leads to discovering that an enigmatic man, Victor Creel, killed his family and removed their eyeballs…freaky!

Tracking down Eddie

Another piece to add to the puzzle is that Steve, Robin, Max, and Dustin learn Eddie’s side of the story, believing a great evil is upon them. It’s brilliant seeing the characters come together.

Back in California

Not a lot new seems to be happening with Eleven, apart from Mike visiting. I have never been a fan of Mike and he doesn’t do a great deal in this episode either. He is quite annoying and all he ever seems to do is follow Eleven around. Even Will is infuriated by him and calls him out for not contacting since the move. Mike’s excuse is “Eleven is my girlfriend and you’re just my friend”. Extremely lousy excuse Mike! Poor Will, all he desires is to spend time with his friends. Will is being mysterious, especially with the secret painting he’s completed. The speculation continues.

Back from the dead…kind of

At last! Hopper’s back, although not the way we would have wanted. Constantly tortured by the Russians because he refuses to answer their never-ending questions - “Hey Siri, play Never-ending Story!”

It’s crystal-clear Joyce and Hopper care about each other by the lengths they go to protect one another. Joyce is determined to find Hopper with help from Murray. In the previous episode she received a message that Hopper is alive, and they should call a number. They speak to “Enzo”, who demands $40,000 for Hopper. Hopper is only worth $40,000?! Joyce puts two and two together that the restaurant she and Hopper agreed to go to after the battle in Season Three was called Enzos. This small detail became an important part in the pair’s search for Hopper. The writers have invented some remarkable details that are effortlessly placed into the storylines.

In honour of the legend

Speaking of small details, Lucas - played by Caleb Mclaughlin - thought that his character should wear the Number Eight jersey in memory of the late basketball legend Kobe Bryant. Being a Kobe Bryant fan myself, I thought it was a kind gesture. Although irrelevant to the storyline, it is admirable the writers are taking on board the actor’s ideas.

Overall, the episode gives valuable screen time to characters that did not have as much in the first episode, and we buckle up for an exhilarating adventure in Hawkins.

My questions are: Has Vecna struck before? And how does Victor fit into the puzzle?

Written by Beth Nethercott

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Paul Flanagan
Paul Flanagan
27. Juni 2022

Another neat review Beth- poor old Mike, though! After mentioning how much the grizzly ending to ep1 made me think of Nightmare on Elm Street, the whole El storyline at the ice rink in this episode made me think of Carrie at the prom- they've been wearing the retro horror intertextual references on their sleeve this season :)

Gefällt mir
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