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It’s Election Week! Have YOU Voted Yet?

As part of the SU election week, virtual ‘Quiz Your Candidates’ Q&A events have taken place via Teams. Students anonymously submitted questions by following a link in their emails. Although we’ve been robbed of face-to-face contact, the sessions provided a valuable opportunity for the candidates to keep their campaigning spirits high, even if it didn’t involve the tradition of running around campus pinning posters and leaflets to everything!

Most importantly, we were able to put names to faces, rather than through written content they have produced. These sessions allowed voters to interact with candidates in real time and see their authentic selves in the hot seat. Each candidate was given a few minutes to reiterate key points in their manifestos, with the rest of the stream dedicated to answering student’s questions.

The candidates have been listening and are passionate about elevating the student voice, as well as offering insight

into how they felt they could influence post-Covid transitions at the University. There was also heavy emphasis on inclusivity schemes, tackling environmental issues, supporting mental well-being and holding the University accountable where necessary.

Here is a summary of all the candidates. For more details, click here and follow your unique link in your student email to vote!

Edit: Daniel Forrester has since withdrawn from the CSU Elections for personal reasons

Written by Peace Fawusi and Alix Booth

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