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As a long-term fan of comedian Chris Ramsey, I have followed his progress from gigging in small clubs and watched as these venues progressed to large arenas. Therefore, I was excited to see Penguin Live were holding an online book launch to Chris and his wife Rosie’s accompaniment to their podcast Sha**ed. Married. Annoyed. Having attended a previous Penguin Live event, I knew this would be an interesting night ‘out’. The first thing I observed was how Penguin had tailored each event to it as audience. My first event, Ruth Jones launch of her novel Us Three, was held in The Ivy and presented by Hannah Beckerman. This event instantly conveyed a more informal mood. Hosted by presenter Alex Jones-a family friend since Chris co-hosted The One Show on several occasions- with the couple interviewed via video link in their home, this event fitted with the Ramsey’s’ friendly ethos they convey to all of their projects.

The moment the couple appeared on screen we gain a sense of how close they are as they sat side by side sharing the same set of earphones. Chris and Rosie Ramsey launched their podcast to critical acclaim winning a Global award in March this year. They explain how this book contains many more of their listeners revelations and of course the couple’s trademark martial confessions. But I’m getting ahead of myself so back to the beginning Alex asked how the couple met. They discussed they had seen each other around town throughout their teenage years. Rosie teased that she had always noticed how Chris would walk around in winter without a coat at which she joked ‘no one else in their hometown would dream of doing’ poking fun at her husbands perceived vanity. They revealed how they had shared a kiss and then gone their separate ways. Some time later they had seen one another in a club, by this time Chris was successful and Rosie again poked fun at Chris as she revealed he was in the v.i.p area. Rosie and her friends decided to leave and as she was putting her coat on Chris suddenly appeared and asked her ‘Where she was going and could he come too?’…and that was the beginning of more than a beautiful; friendship!

Alex asked how the book had come about, Chris revealed that Rosie had been nervous about writing, but he explained in glowing terms how she need not have worried as her writing was excellent. A sentiment echoed by Alex, leaving Alex and Chris to joke about how Chris had been admitted from their praise! Rosie disclosed how she had always worked hard in the entertainment industry starting out as a red coat and moving on to working on the cruise ships. She again teased Chris at how annoying he was explaining that she had worked her way up in the industry over a period of time whereas Chris had not put the work in and breezed his way to the top.

Alex quizzed the couple about Chris’s time on Strictly Come Dancing, where Chris reached the quarter finals with partner Karen Hauer in November last year. With his trademark self-deprecating sense of humour Chris laughingly admitted that they had to postpone their plans as he hadn’t expected to last so long in the dancing competition.

Finally, Alex touched upon the news of another addition to the Ramsey family. They gushed as they explained how excited their son Robin was at the prospect of having a young sibling to play with. The interview touched on the current situation and how the couple had planned to tour the podcast but these planned were uncertain in the current climate. As they discussed 2020’s unprecedented events Chris remarked that he did like or use the phrase ‘The new normal’ as it was ‘not the new normal’ and he explained he would only allow the phrase ‘The temporary normal ‘ This ethos and typically positive outlook, perfectly encapsulates the feeling not only conveyed in their podcast and book but by the earbud sharing, beaming couple themselves. I’m sure no matter whatever emotions this book makes you feel avoidance will not be one of them.

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Written by Shaney Lloyd

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