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I lived like Rory Gilmore for a day: A Gilmore Girl’s guide

EVIE TURNER spent an entire day living out her Gilmore Girls fantasy... and it wasn’t what she expected at all!

If you know me, you’ll know my love for Gilmore Girls. I’ve rewatched the renowned series around seven times in my life, and it’s safe to say that I am obsessed. I’ve even gone to the lengths of getting a quote from the show tattooed on my arm – if that doesn’t scream dedication, I don’t know what does!

My favourite character is the independent, studious, beloved daughter from Stars Hollow, Rory Gilmore. She is everything I want to be, and more. From her determination in her studies to her witty dialogue, her life seems perfect. So naturally I spent an entire day living like her.

Gilmore Glam

When getting started, I immediately thought, “What will I wear?”. In the pilot episode, Rory sports an oversized, white knit jumper with jeans, an iconic outfit for every Gilmore Girls viewer. So, I had to go and get one from H&M, which only cost £20 - a bargain! It was a typical dark and rainy Chester day so I was very excited to snuggle up in my big jumper. As I stepped into the crisp air, I was immediately transported to a gloomy Stars Hollow.

Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee

As Rory’s main personality trait is her obsession with studying, she strives for excellence and in every episode we see her obsessing over classes and exams. Luckily, as a huge procrastinator myself, I had a lot of work to catch up on! She typically studies at Luke’s, the café where many key scenes take place. Rory, and her mother Lorelai, spend their time chatting and drinking copious amounts of coffee, which meant I needed to find my own Luke’s for the day.

The perfect fit was the heavenly Chester café, Bean and Cole, which I discovered a year ago on arrival at the University of Chester. Now I go there nearly every week! With its warm, cosy lighting and divine vanilla lattés, it seemed like the perfect spot for my busy afternoon.

Rory spends hours working through all her material for school, so that’s exactly what I did! I spent around four hours at Bean and Cole, drinking lattés throughout my stay. One thing I will never understand about the show is the amount of caffeine they drink, as I left the café with jitters! I ended up getting all my work completed, notes written, essay plans emailed to lecturers, and my ‘to-do’ list crossed off completely. It was revolutionary for a girl who leaves everything to the last minute; Rory Gilmore, you are a true inspiration!

An Evening of Culture

After my busy morning, I walked into the city centre to see the new switched-on Christmas lights. It is my favourite time of year, in the show as well as in real life. If there was actual snow in Chester I’d be the happiest girl alive! Wandering around the city centre I found myself up in Waterstones. Rory loves literature and we see her reading famous texts like To Kill a Mockingbird and the journal entries of Sylvia Plath. In true Gilmore style, I bought a beautiful cloth-bound of the classic Wuthering Heights, after reading the first few pages in the store. I got stuck into this in Grosvenor Park, on a bench under a huge willow tree. My Gilmore Girls themed day was really helping me to romanticise the moody winter weather.

Rory’s Routine: A Roaring Success

I ended my night with a bunch of junk food, as the Gilmore Girls are famous for their feasts and movie nights. Did I feel a tad ill afterwards? Yes…. but it was worth it! I watched the classic movie, Casablanca, which is frequently mentioned during the series. A perfect day leading to the perfect night!

Overall, Rory Gilmore… it is true what they say: your life is exceptional. My bank account would not forgive me if I spent every day drinking coffee and buying classics from Waterstones, but my happiness would skyrocket. Almost worth going bankrupt for!

Thank you Gilmore Girls, for every episode of joy. I urge everyone reading this to watch (or rewatch) all seven seasons. It is a truly magical experience.

Written by Evie Turner

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1 Comment

Billy Morrell
Billy Morrell
Dec 12, 2022

Really interesting, I think you captured her spirit very well! I can totally see this being her day if she lived in Chester :D

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