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BETH NETHERCOTT celebrates the return of the Californian punk rock band

Tom, Mark, and Travis – Where are you? ‘We are coming’!

It’s been seven years since the iconic trio Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker were together as Blink 182.

On 11th October they released a tongue-in-cheek video featuring excitable fans saying they are “coming” back. The video has reached over 800,000 likes on Instagram! Towards the end they tease their new single – ‘Edging’ - which has been available to listen to since 14th October. They plan to release new music, a new album, and a world tour.

The band have been through ups and downs including breakups that resulted in Matt Skiba (originally from Alkaline Trio) replacing Tom DeLonge from 2015. It was revealed in 2021 that bassist, Mark Hoppus had cancer but thankfully in September 2021 disclosed he was cancer free (Disalvo, 2022). The classic trio buried the hatchet and Tom DeLonge stated, ‘Emotions between the three of us in blink have always been complicated, but Mark’s cancer really put things in perspective’ (MLC, 2022).

Tom DeLonge also publicly thanked Matt Skiba for his commitment to Blink 182 and fans have praised him for his kindness.

As a Blink 182 fan, I’m glad they have come to the realisation that life is too short, and they have been able to move forward. This is a positive message for fans around the world.

Let’s talk ‘Edging’

Despite its clearly sexual title - the song is far from that. The song seems to make references to Tom DeLonge’s exits from the band in 2005 and 2015. The chorus begins: “No way, no, I leave them broken-hearted” suggesting that DeLonge recognises fans will have been broken-hearted by his departures in previous years.

‘Edging’ was produced by the band’s drummer, Travis Barker who said: “I wanted to imagine as a listener what I wanted to experience and at the same time as a band member what we wanted to make and say and most importantly how it would sound production wise in 2022” (Monroe, 2022).

It is not your typical Blink 182 song, so if you’re expecting music like ‘Dammit’ or ‘Dumpweed’, ‘Edging’ does not fit that bill. ‘Edging’ is a feel-good pop-punk tune. After a couple of listens, the lyrics “get the rope” will be in your head all day long! It is fast paced so you can let your hair down. Blink 182 want the single to promote them having fun and they want fans to feel the same. It’s certainly a memorable first new single for the band.

Do I like it?

Simple answer, yes! It reminds me of one of their most recognisable hits - ‘All the Small Things’ because of its catchiness. By no means do I think it will hit heights of that song, but nevertheless ‘Edging’ has the same catchy sound.

The Tour – blink and you’ve missed the tickets!

Fans like me are ecstatic they are back and going on tour. There’s that nostalgic feeling as it brings back memories. In terms of the UK tour, everywhere is sold out with only a few resale tickets available. Even Mark Hoppus tried to get tickets but failed - how funny. Fans are furious at how much resale tickets are… I’ll let you have a guess. Over £200! I am one of the lucky ones who managed to get tickets during the band’s presale- it will be electric!

Final Thoughts

What a comeback! Bring on the new music and of course, the world tour. See you at the Rock Show lads!


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Written by Beth Nethercott

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