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Editors' Note

Hello everyone – we are back!  

We hope you managed to have a break over Easter to recuperate – the end is in sight! We have been out protesting and interviewing students surrounding the recent redundancy controversy circulating around the university. Check out our recent post to see what students have had to say about it and comment your opinions below. We have also stocked up on our monthly dose of Sally’s haikus, so visit the Haikus page to read the April archive. 

But we need your help. As ever, we want to hear from you. What did you get up to over Easter? Have you read or watched something that you’d like to share with others? Are you coming to the end of university experience and want to reflect on your time here at Chester? Send your submissions to us here. Also, go give our Instagram and Twitter a follow to keep up to date with our latest posts and activity. 


Alix and Peace. 

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