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Hello everyone, 


A warm welcome to C.E.L.L.MATES if you’re here for the first time and welcome back if you’ve been here before! We are back up and running after a restful break and can’t wait to bring you our new content. Like the changing seasons the magazine has undergone a small transformation regarding the editorial team. We hope you enjoy seeing some fresh, as well as familiar, faces amongst us. Head over to the About page to find out more. 


We have some great articles heading your way, ranging from our Stranger Things series to language and linguistics content, with much more to come! We’d love to hear what you have to say too, from nuanced views of what’s happening in the world to sharing whatever fascinating topic you’re studying at the moment- all is welcome!  To stay up to date with all the magazine has to offer why not check out our All News section and make sure you’re following us on our Instagram (@c.e.l.l.mates) and Twitter (@CELLMATES3) accounts, as well as subscribing to our monthly news letter.  


Enjoy reading and perusing,

The C.E.L.L.MATES Team


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